Browse the internet more quickly with a custom homepage


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Would you like to go into your internet browser and have all of your interests automatically come up? All of your RSS feeds, news, and most visited websites in one page, accessing your favorite web content will now be so much more practical.

Atchus! is an online service with which you can create your own homepage with all of your links in one place, easy to reach, and visually arranged.

With Atchus! you can share and explore web content with your contacts, discover which ones are their most visited sites and comment your activity on the network. A great personal homepage plugin that will help you know more of your friends’ tastes and better organize your own.

You simply have to add the links from your browser with the atchus! pagesaver, simply saving the links as you visit the websites.

Plus, a great feature of your compartments is that you can open up to four links directly with just one click on the box where your links are saved.

One of its best features is that atchus! imports your RSS feeds from Feedly, Google Reader, Takeout, and it also lets you save all of your markers.